Beer fueled, Maine Redneck Olympics face Olympic lawsuit

The sleepy little town of Hebron, home to 1,000 souls, swelled to over 2,500 rednecks who gathered to celebrate the Redneck Olympics. Before the mud started flying, organizer Harold Brooks was informed that the real Olympics will take legal action if the word "Olympics" isn’t dropped from the name of the celebration. Brooks says no, and informed Fox Snooze that the name had been around for 8,000 years, and in so many words they’re not going to change it now. Somehow it has become Brooks against the government, rather than the Olympic Committee, but he is talking with Fox, not ABC, NBC or PBS. More commentary and priceless photos here.

Events include but are not limited to: bobbing for pig’s feet, toilet-seat horseshoes, lawn mower races, mud run, pie-eating contest, wife carrying event, beer swilling, watermelon pit spitting, toilet seat tossing, and armpit serenades. The latter bringing to mind a lovely concert as the sun goes down on little Hebron.