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Bill Maher Monologue, Bars are open again in Boston, April 19 2013

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Bill Maher monologueMore people will have been shot dead here in Houston this weekend than in the Boston Marathon Bombing last week.  Since 911, 3000 Americans have been murdered by terrorists with planes and bombs, while over 300,000 have been murdered by Americans with guns [that would be 700,999 if we counted suicides].  Last week Boston was shut down because three lives were lost, at the very same time the Senate ignored the shooting deaths of over a million Americans by guns since 1970.  90% of Americans wanted to pass the Background Check law. 90% of Republican Senators voted against it.  90% of Democrats voted for it.  Allow me to Herman you… 90! 90! 90!

Chechnya!  I new it the minute I saw the names.  I think we all remember them taking 1000 hostages from an audience in a theater in 2002. Putin went in and lots of people died.  They were blowing up and robbing Russian trains almost everyday. We scolded the Russians for treating poor Chechnya poorly. WHILE Chechnya was murdering Russians soldiers and officials,  cutting off their heads, putting them on spikes and lining the walkways up to the Checknya Courthouse with the heads on sticks.  A lot of  Wahhabi religion at play there. Decapitation with heads on sticks is religious in nature.

So these Boston Wahhabis placed a bomb next to a little girl, kaboom, kaboom, went home and watched the hunt for them on TV,  got bored, went out and robbed a Quickie Mart, hijacked a Mercedes SUV, had a car chase where they threw bombs at the cops, then a shoot out where the younger brother who was shot escaped by running over this bullet riddled older brother and hid out bleeding to death in a covered boat in someone’s driveway. Only mental illness and religion has this much power to fck you up.

So the violence seems to be with the mentally ill and with the religious. Is there a correlation there I wonder?

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