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Bill Maher New Rules, Selfish Selfies, Oct 9 2015

Bill Maher New Rules, Selfish Selfies, Oct 9 2015So what is the point of not only the selfies but taking pictures of the Pope, the Mona Lisa, the Taylor Swift concert and your lunch? Obviously it is to show to others how cool you are. You know, like Uncle Fred’s slide shows of his trip to Nebraska.

I have a smartphone. It sits on the desk here out of gas most of the time. On the rare occasions I do take it somewhere it often rings or beeps a message that inevitably asks WHERE ARE YOU. My answer of course is like any sane person’s, NONE OF YOUR FRIGGIN BUSINESS. Doe friends and family now work for the police?

These phones are very rude, going off with a WHATSUP is more important to these people than the story of how the bear in a TuTu in Mexico swiped off the end of your nose at the Pemex station?  But ignoring the beeping vibrating box in your pocket, or more likely, in your hand could cause you to miss a meetup for coffee at Starbucks later. Or an update on what happened on Orange is the New Black. Did I get that right?

Was the bear in a cage or running loose? And what about the elephant that was after your sack of cacahuetes? And all those people yelling at you in Spanish because you thought PELIGRO  meant GAS STATION. Que Pasta!

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