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CONAN, Trump Calls Obama to Discuss Muslim Ban, Executive Orders – Video

Trump pesters Obama on vacation, and it’s soon clear that the timing of the Muslim ban,announced concurrently with Obama’s vacation in the Virgin Islands, was not coincidental.

We listen in to the call, as an excited Trump spills secrets while answering questions we may have all entertained.  I have wondered why and how Trump has become such a prolific writer of executive orders…And it is because of just one man.  Steve Bannon has made himself indispensable to Trump, removing the drudgery of signing his name repeatedly, and making the chore of doing the ‘write thing’- extremely rewarding for “the Orange Tool” as Bannon affectionately refers to his ‘boss’  It’s important to keep illusions alive, as Dick Cheney can tell you.

Finally, as if to confirm what we all know deep down, an excited a voluble Trump spills the beans to Obama. ‘Season Three: The Redemption Challenge” will be a nail biter! Wait until you see which three well-known figures will battle to see who gets their job back!

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