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Daily Show, ISIS 80 year old Chinese recruit

Daily Show, ISIS 80 year old Chinese recruit“JEW” for those of you who don’t get the “UP” joke check out the short video below.

Wait a minute… It’s not Jews or Christians that ISIS is murdering and beheading the most of, it’s Muslims. It’s a Muslim problem in a Muslim region which should be left to Muslims.

Three to five million emigrating from the ISIS region? As we see here, old farts can still fight, so can women and children as any Vietnam veteran can tell you. Three million against 30,000, who can hide in masks and burkas and Star Wars outfits.

Wait a second. For those younguns out there, we had an American soldier named Lt Calley who marched a few hundred women, children and old men into a ditch in Vietnam and gave his platoon orders to machine gun them down, 124 of them dead. It was called My Lai.

Subsequently Lt Calley became a hero speaking at VFWs and Republican venues until his court martial to one year of house arrest in Georgia [including beer and broads]. Upon release a fan left him a chain of Atlanta Jewelry stores to lord over to this day. I think 124 is more Jews and Christians than ISIS has murdered. Perhaps the RNC and the VFW could get al-Baghdadi to come give some speeches here.

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