Dogs poop facing North or South

dog poop northA new study, which Fox News may soon report cost the Federal Government 50 billion dollars, found that dogs poop on a North / South axis. This is due to aligning themselves with magnetic North.  When the magnetism is strong they circle quickly to face North or South to drop their load. If the magnetism is weak, they just go around in circles for what seems like hours and poop any which way.
This is actually important in that it is an example of mammals tying into the magnetic grid as we know birds do. The reason for it we are told is that like a GPS, dogs need to re-calibrate their place on the map every so often to get a grasp where they are in the neighborhood.  Speaks well of all the stories of dogs and cats finding their long way home.

Since I read the article a few days ago, I took notice and sure enough, it holds true, though I don’t have a magnetometer on me. It’s in the garage somewhere I guess…
Dogs poop in alignment with Earth’s magnetic field, study finds