Donald Trump you are a bad president and need to resign, Stephen Colbert

Donald Trump you are a bad president and need to resign, Stephen ColbertNa na, na na na NA, hey hey, goodbye…

“Donald Trump if you are listening, you are a bad president and need to resign.” Stephen Colbert says it while the rest of America outside the talk radio Fox News safe zone are whispering it.

Judge and Harvard professor Laurence Tribe – who has more than anyone been pointed to as a Supreme Court nominee – wrote yesterday:

The time has come for Congress to launch an impeachment investigation of President Donald Trump for obstruction of justice.

Laurence Tribe: Trump must be impeached. Here’s why.

Pulitzer prize winning journalist Gene Robertson weighed in yesterday to propose that the only way to actually get rid of the Orange Buffoon is we give him a billion dollars to resign. That could work.

Two things.

Which is worse? The now reactionary over the top Republican Party in control of all branches of government? Or a fool in the White House? What real damage can the Orange Buffoon actually do other than embarrass all of us every day? There are enough checks and balances to keep him from blowing up the world.

For as it sits now with Trump in the White House, Democrats have a really really good chance of taking both the House and the Senate in 2018. Which would frustrate Trump so much we could possibly find him in the oval office hanging from a long red tie. Ah, perhaps that will be the title of biography of President Donald Trump. The Long Red Tie.

And most importantly before any serious movement toward impeachment Mike Pence – just as was the case with Spiro Agnew – must be replaced beforehand.


Any Republican will do as long as their primary allegiance is not to a doubtful deity who Americans have redrawn as the God of banks, oil, coal, theocracy, bigotry, misogyny and religious intolerance.

How did that happen?  Gosh… I think it was TV preachers with the help of Ronald Reagan who managed it.