Parade Magazine List of Ted Nugent and other Conservative Celebrities

Parade Magazine – you know that simple minded wad of newsprint tucked near the entertainment pages of your Sunday paper – has the highest circulation of any magazine in America with 70 million readers. On this weeks first page, called Personality Parade, a reader asks columnist Walter Scott if there are any Celebrity Conservatives. Mr Scott gives us a list.

Ted Nugent, Sara Evans, John Rich, John Elway, Curt Schilling, Robert Duvall, Kelsey Grammer, Angie Haramon, Patricia Heaton, Jon Voight, Jamine Tuner, Gary Sinise and of course Arnold.

Not recognizing most of those names causes me trouble in what defines "celebrity". I thought it meant someone everyone has heard of. So I believe that list needs adjusting.

First off lets remove the flash in the pans: Sara Evans, John Rich, Curt Schilling, Angie Haramon, Patricia Heaton, Jamine Tuner and Gary Sinise. I also think the Governor of California is a too moderate to be included.

Just off the top of my head I can think of two more to add, Mary Tyler Moore and Drew Carey.

So using the Parade’s Personality Page as the starting point, the short list would be Ted Nugent, John Elway, Robert Duvall, Kelsey Grammer, Jon Voight, Mary Tyler Moore and Drew Carey.

I enjoy the list because it puts John Elway, Robert Duvall, Kelsey Grammer, Jon Voight, Mary Tyler Moore and Drew Carey on equal footing with Ted Nugent.

I like to imagine Ted inviting them all to his new ranch down here in Texas to enjoy machine gunning penned up animals he buys. Well to be honest, he also kills these animals he buys and releases with compound bows, crossbows, .50 caliber rifles and .44 magnum hand guns. Ted strives to be fair.

A couple years ago Ted Nugent moved down here to Texas from Michigan where it seems his welcome was wearing thin. He bought a ranch near Crawford, Texas to be near his idol, George W. Bush. The President recently sold his Crawford ranch and no longer goes there. Perhaps because even someone as obtuse as George W doesn’t want to be living anywhere near a crazyass racist moron armed with a high powered machine gun (yes he has a license).

Ted Nugent was tossed out of San Antonio several years back for wrapping himself in an American flag and telling all the "Spics" to get their asses back to Mexico. He also refers to African Americans as "Apes". His greatest enjoyment in life is killing animals, most of which he buys and pens up and then uses machine guns on. He brags about killing neighbor’s pet dogs and cats and is our nations’ loudest voice perpetuating assault rifles, handguns and our violent gun culture.

With an IQ never breaking out of single digits he also enjoys sharing the bottom teir of Right-wing radio talk show hosts with Michael Savage and Michael Reagan. To get an idea of just how stupid Ted Nugent is, read this review on his Book God, Guns and Rock & Roll.

Oh, and for your enjoyment here is Ted in Concert telling Governor Schwarzenegger, Senator Barbra Boxer, Senator Barack Obama (who he calls a piece of crap) and Senator Hillary Clinton to shove the machine gun he is waving around into their mouths and pull the trigger.

11 Replies to “Parade Magazine List of Ted Nugent and other Conservative Celebrities”

  1. Ted Nugent is a repulsive individual; mental illness is a very serious issue on that man’s behalf. His glorification of fire arms and killing anything that moves so to speak would be the devil himself speaking, if there were really such a thing as Satan. So many years of drug abuse to that man’s body and all of the rancid hard rock ilk he’s associated with, it’s no wonder why his gray matter has liquified. Such a pity. I consider myself a moderate politically. I love animals and respect nature, but I’m not a fanatic. Just level headed and respectful of life.

    It’s personalities like Mary Tyler Moore who are genuinely great, great people. Mary is a kind, caring and incredibly talented soul who has spent a great deal of her time and money trying to make peoples and animals lives better. Mary’s tireless efforts raising funds for research and treatments for juvenile diabetes and animal welfare is beyond commendable. Mary Tyler Moore is one of my favorite actresses and has been since I was a very young child. She is a truly beautiful person inside and out. I also appreciate the fact that Mary is pretty modest politically. I don’t really care what direction she leans politically, I just believe that she’s one of the few in the entertainment industry who’s truly a genuine, caring, generous soul. Mary Tyler Moore would be a dream come true to meet.

  2. So you are saying that Nugent would shoot unamed people in the face? I am sure you are right… Its what NON COWARDS would do. Like Joe Horn, shot two unarmed guys dead in the back. Hero!

  3. Nugent is a threat to all you spine-less lefties because you don’t know how to silence him. He’s got balls to stand up to all you PC phoneys out there and you can’t handle that. If it makes you feel better about yourselves to call him stupid, go ahead. My bet is, he couldn’t care less what you think. I’d also bet you wouldn’t have the guts to say it to his face.

  4. As you know, Massey Energy is a coal company which is not only a massive polluter of land and water in it’s own business of strip mining, but is also responsible for causing the most air pollution we enjoy which comes from coal powered generating plants.

  5. Dumb, Dumber and Dumbass will Headline West Virginia Mingo Logan County Hillbilly Concert There will be a big labor day FREE wingnut concert in Logan Country West Virginia. Funded by the corporate coal lobby it will be have Ted Nugent as the master

  6. I can’t believe that Ted Nugent can get away with saying such things about our current president, basically just short of threatening to KILL him, yet when the Dixie Chicks made the simple comment that they were embarrassed to be from the same state as Bush they were labeled un-American.

    I am stunned.

  7. hehe… Gosh… Research proves it! Well that settles that then! hehe…
    How the NRA brain works!
    Not calling blacks APES and not machine gunning down animals you buy to shoot are the real threats! Oh gosh, like talking to a dinning room table…

  8. Ted Nugent the poopie pants that defecate in his pants for his draft physical so he wouldn’t be drafted to Nam. What a phoney. He’s all wrapped in a the American flag today so he cans ell some records. What a piece of garbage. Hey Poopie Nuggy, I got a machine gun YOU can suck on!!

    1. in the preface of his book GOD GUNS AND ROCK AND ROLL he goes so far as to say Sarah Brady should be euthanized at a vet and HCI is full of lies when they say its dangerous to have a gun in your home. Then three different times in teh book he tells of an unloaded gun going off in his house almost killing someone. That is how stupid the guy is.

    2. Nugent is a nut, but he is first and foremost an entertainer. He is no real threat. Politicians who wield real power and who hold opinions opposite his are the REAL THREATS. HCI actually does lie a lot. Reasearch proves this..

  9. Must admit I can’t even watch the video of that piece of crap. If he were left wing, and as threatening
    to bloated white politicians, he’d be caged, as he should be.

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