Pope Francis Blasts Pompous Christians As ‘Ugly Pagans’ Urges Humility, Giving

 Pope Francis trashes the ‘prosperity gospel’: Pompous Christians are ugly pagans

Pope Francis is pictured here being playfully divested of his zucchetto, or skullcap by a grabby kid, who may well live to rue the day.

Pope Francis used his weekly General Audience on Wednesday to urge Christians to imitate Jesus Christ by being humble and “small among the small.”
I’m reminded of Forbes columnist John Tamny, whose clueless and heartless view of the poor reflects the sentiments of many on whom the needy depend for their very existence. Conservative politicians who would separate the poor from financial aid,’for their own good’- almost always claim to be Christians. This in turn, gives true Christians a black eye and reason to go old testament, or  ‘eye for an eye’ with the wealthy phonies.

While Jesus Christ had nothing to say about gay marriage or drug legalization he did talk a lot about how we treat one another. The Pope reminds us:

“He who has fed, welcomed, visited, loved one of the smallest and poorest of people, has done it for the Son of God,” the Pope said. Keep in mind, he is widely regarded in TeaParty circles as a Marxist.  Do I mean Christ or Pope Francis,  you may ask…Yes!

The Pope then got down and dirty and  dished about pompous, ugly, pagan-like Christians who are totally lacking in humility…Good stuff!