Republicans Give to the rich shame the poor, Sack cartoon

shame the hungry

This week, no matter its health care or food, the Republican mantra is to celebrate and entitle those on top and shame and take away from those on the bottom. Sympathy for the Koch Brothers and bootstrap speeches for the hungry. The family that works 3 minimum wage jobs just to pay the rent and utilities needs shamming, while celebrating those who live off dividends and capital gains.

What Would Jesus Do? Is the wrong question. WWJD. We already know the answer to that. Jesus would buy an assault rifle with a few 40 round clips and a 9mm handgun with a few 20 round clips, lead the rich on their gold laden camels to Heaven while sticking needles in the eyes of the poor with a quick stop in Huntsville to execute a few poor souls. Was Jesus always this much on a Godawful a whole or is this something new?

No that is the wrong question. The right question is WHAT WOULD SATAN DO? WWSD?

I guess the bottom line in this biggest question of humanity is that we each create God in our own image.