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Seth Meyers: Trump Gives More Tax Cuts to Wealthy Before Jail Doors Slam Shut

Seth Meyers: Trump  claims American working stiffs want nothing more than yet another round of tax cuts for the wealthy, and to outlaw the pesky practice of showing ID to buy groceries. Trump is also certain that we’re all sick and tired of the Russian investigation, I mean really, (yawn) right?

With Manafort’s trial underway, and Cohen turning on Trump, time is running short for the short fingered vulgarian and the wealthy who let him do anything he wants as long as he’s lining their pockets.  In a variation of the TV show ‘Supermarket Sweep’ Trump has to raid federal coffers, as fast as he can, while grabbing as much as he can to beat the clock,  played here by Robert Mueller.

Despite Trump’s wails, Mueller’s investigation continues, which means that some Trump associates, and dare I hope – even Donnie Two Scoops may be going to jail.
Remember, if you want to visit them, you will need a picture ID.

Trump Pushes Another Tax Cut, Calls for End to Russia Probe: A Closer Look

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