Sexy Denver dames pose in “Senior Cookbook, the Swimsuit Edition”

The photographer responsible for the glamor shots of the calendar girls says: "I can basically give you a tuck a lift an addition a subtraction in about 15 minutes in photo shop. It sounds good to me!  A note to the guys is in order. " If she can do this for the Senior Cookbook gals, please keep in mind – the women in Playboy and The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition get the same treatment. Your good ladies would like you to remember that it’s fantasy. Likewise the photos of swimsuit clad seniors at the Denver Inner City Parish Senior Community Center had a bit of help getting into their ideal shape in time for the calendar.  The magic of Photoshop worked so well, that men who were gazing at the calendar approvingly, failed to notice immediately that these were the same women that they see regularly at the Center! 

It’s all for a good cause and a giggle or two. The photos were taken for the ‘Denver Inner City Parish’s new Senior Cookbook.’ The modest $5 price will go to continue services for seniors. Rev. Allyson Sawtell associate pastor and the director of the seniors program says "We feed folks four days a week, plus provide all other kinds of resources." I presume they are fully clothed the rest of the year, making this a rare collector’s item and maybe even a family heirloom? Get yours now.