Shaquille O’Neal believes Earth is Flat, 37% of Americans approve of President Trump

Shaquille O'Neal believes Earth is Flat, 37% of Americans approve of President TrumpBlack basketball stars Shaquille O’Neal, Kyrie Irving, Wilson Chandler and Draymond Green believe the Earth is flat. That is about 0.000001% of Americans. Compare that to the 37% of Americans who today believe Donald Trump is a GREAT president. That is 100 million people completely out of their minds compared to four dumbass basketball players.

And most importantly these four dumbass athletes have no effect on anything at all other than making black athletes look stupid.

On the other hand, the 100 million people who believe Trump is Great and put him charge could very well be the cause of the end of the world in nuclear war or a slow burn.

That being said there are some questions these four intellectuals need to answer.

  1. Why is the Moon round? No one said anything was square, it could be a flat disk.
  2. Where is the edge of the Earth? At the end of the oceans.
  3. Does this come from religion?  Yes.
  4. What college courses do sports scholarships require? Gym, bowling and communications.
  5. Are they kidding? No, like most ignorance around the globe they rely only upon anecdotal evidence.
  6. What’s the point? To give the finger to smartypants knowitalls. Trumpism.