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Teen Slang: Trumping, Ben Carson, Slay – Late Night with Seth Meyers – video

Teen Slang: Trumping,  Ben Carson, Slay - Late Night with Seth Meyers - video

On Late Night with Seth Meyers, it’s time again for the informative feature, ‘Seth Explains Teen Slang’ where you’ll hear the freshest terms such as ‘Trumping’ and a new word that uses Ben Carson in the definition. These slang words are so new that even teens may not have heard them all yet; although one of the ‘real’ words is ‘slay.’ Should we tell the kids that the way they’re using this word is not new?  I thought not, but I wonder – can ‘groovy’ and out-of-sight be far behind?  Psychedelic polyester has returned in its original eye-popping glory, ironically – of course. . If you can still fit into your old clothes, and climb atop your boogie shoes, you might be ahead of the game  fashion-wise and linguistically!

Here are my two favorites.

 “Trumping”  Definition: “When you try to get a girl to break up with you by saying more and more awful things but she ends up liking you more for some reason.”  Example: “I told Marisa that all refugees should go to hell, and now she’s talking about marriage. #Trumping.”

“Facebook friend”  Definition: “Someone you just keep around to just to hear the crazy things they say. Example:  “I hate to admit it, but every time Ben starts talking about how the pyramids were made by Joseph, I’m glad he’s my Facebook friend.”

There are many more, you may want to include a few of the following into your conversation for the upcoming holidays:  Cranberry Sauce, Clingman, Spliffsonian, Peytoned, Big ol’ Twitties, Gravy boat, Miley virus, Wet nap and Whoopsie hazy to name a few.

Check it out, then go ahead, don’t be reluctant to show off your newfound knowledge like the hep cat you know you are!