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Texas Open Carry Kory Watkins threatens Texas Legislature

Texas Open Carry politeness

“Those who really really want a gun are the very ones who really really should not be able to get a gun” Rack Jite 1993.

If ever one of my old quotes applies to anything, it is toward this OPEN CARRY crap going on down here in Dumbutt, Texas. Gosh what ugly people in every sense of the word. As you can see, our local Houston cartoonist Nick Anderson is the best in the world at presenting ugly people in his work. No one better, for after all, down here in Texas he has an endless supply of models.

First let me add the video that has recently caused the big stink. Open Carry leader Kory Watkins put this on his Facebook page the other day which someone then moved to YOUTUBE. He removed it from Facebook and even managed to get YOUTUBE to bring it down for copyright reasons, but it bounced back up. So if this one goes blank, you can go directly to YOUTUBE and find another for as soon as he has YOUTUBE pull it, someone else puts it up.

Kory Watkins Open Carry Texas craziesAnd here is what I hope will be a lasting image of the kind of people we are dealing with here in Kory Watkins and friends. BTW the first thing that Kory Watkins says about himself on his Facebook page is.

“Works at: I work for God.”

Just a reminder where so much of this crap comes from.  Oh and the fourth thing he has to say about himself is.

“Going to the Cowtown Medical Cannabis Rally this Saturday.”

Nothing goes better together than an assault rifle over the shoulder, a .44 magnum on the hip, God and a bong full of weed.

It’s not just Kory Watkins, his attractive company or even his recent threats to the Republican held Texas Legislature that has made him and his movement the pariah they have become, rather it is these same kind of losers who over and over again get on camera with their guns where they don’t belong. Even most Texans are afraid of such people who have absolutely nothing going for them other than the guns. As you can see.

In fact, not only the Texas Legislature, but the Governor, Lt Governor, Attorney General and Land Commissioner – all extreme NRA gunnuts who promised to pass these open carry laws – have now decided to let it ride for another year or two. Why when they know they can pass it if the wanted? Because even the Texas GOP leaders understand these people are the very ones who most Texas voters do not want to see carrying guns openly EVERYWHERE the rest of us go. They are for the most part angry, crazy losers looking for an excuse to shoot someone or other. Mostly OR OTHER.


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