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Trophy Hunter Donald Trump bags an Elephant

Trophy Hunter Donald Trump bags and Elephant

Donald Trump has a trophy wife, trophy hair and now a trophy elephant on the wall, he can’t seem to miss no matter where he shoots.

Last night on Fox News Hannity, Donald Trump defended Planned Parenthood and a woman’s right to choose. Adding to that his support of single payer health care that the majority of Americans have supported since post World War 2.

Looking into the polls there is confusion regarding the phrase “single payer” which is very often wrongly defined as government run health care rather just a s system of universal paycheck deductions like Social Security and Medicare to pay for healthcare publicly or privately.

As far as I can tell only Great Britain has a government owned and operated health care system, the rest of the civilized nations on Earth have hybrid systems run by non profit private health insurance companies who profit from supplemental health insurance policies and other insurance venues – though all have mandatory payroll deductions to pay for it. These payroll deductions are for the most part half of what the individual cost of private run health care in the United States pays. The ALL is the key to making health care affordable and effective for ALL. Republicans reject MANDATE no matter your mother dies of cancer on the sidewalk.

When presented with that reality and no confusion – they way he entire world sees health care other than the only the American Republican Party – the majority of Americans are for it. The GENERAL WELFARE and LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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