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Trump’s The Handmaid’s tale

Trump's The HandMaid's tale

Trump's The HandMaid's tale“And now they are making Ghostbusters with only women!! What’s going on!!” An angry Republican presidential primary nominee Donald Trump screams into the camera.

So what happens if Trump is impeached and President evangelical fundamentalist Pence becomes president?

Well they made a TV series of that very scenario with Margret Atwood’s classic dystopian novel The Handmaid’s Tale.

It begins nicely enough with the New Christian nation of Gilead hanging lesbians from cranes, cranes are handy. To gouging out the eyes of women who saw and said what they saw. You know pluck out the offending eye. Then of course hanging all the atheists and dissenters from any walls, walls that are handy and have the Handmaids mop up all the blood when foreign diplomats come by.

Oh and not to forget clipping off the clits of women who smile during sex. But it’s okay, they pray during all of it so God is on their side. Forgot to mention the central story, fertile women in a constant state of rape.

And you know with a bit of reality to this fantasy, it is the people screaming the loudest about Sharia Law who are doing all the can to have THE GOVERNMENT deny women an abortion, to force prayer in schools, to deny birth control and to tear down the wall of separation of church in state.

As John Cleese so well said the other day, the problem with really stupid people is they are too stupid do know how stupid they are.

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