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Rack Jite Quotes

“I can understand conservative’s callous, selfish disregard for others, its their pride in it that passes me by.” Rack Jite – https://rackjite.com

“If you doubt that crap personality is the driving force behind conservative politics, look back to your childhood. I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut that every one of your friends and acquaintances who was an a whole then, is a conservative today.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Here in Texas, art is the guy who lives on the corner and literature what the NRA leaves in your mailbox.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Americans work longer hours for less pay, suffer more government intrusion and less privacy than ever before. We enjoy more executions, longer sentences, bigger prisons, less social programs for those in need while the cost of health care and higher education rises beyond family means; and of course more fear, hate, and war. It just goes to show that conservatives were never meant to be in control of anything at all other than prisons, gun shows and country music.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Conservatism can most honestly be described as the distrust of progress and the opposition to change in order to hold to the traditional established order of the past.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Conservatives haven’t had a new idea since they began purchasing women rather than clubbing them.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

“With her new book Treason, Ann Coulter proves that a parent having a lesbian daughter is something to celebrate in lieu of having a daughter in the skeletal body of a blond Christian slut with a football lodged in her larynx who can’t decide whether she is the incarnation of Joe McCarthy or Torquemada.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “The greatest lesson I have learned in my plunge into the political debate has been how little things change. We seem to always be going where we’ve already been. The three political issues at work since the first tribe had their first meeting are still with us; who will be included, what those included responsibilities and benefits are, and how best to screw those not included.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “There are basically two kinds of conservatives, those who don’t got it and blame liberals and minorities for it, and those who got it and only care about keeping it that way.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

“Conservatives are much like paleontologists. They dig through prehistoric garbage heaps and anything they discover they define as a new find.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “If you decide to try and change the world for the better, prepare to be either nailed to a tree or shot in the head.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “It’s easy to rattle off the names of great liberals: Jesus, Buddha, Copernicus, DaVinci, Michelangelo, Galileo, Voltaire, Locke, Jefferson, Franklin, Madison, Adams, Darwin, Dickens, Hugo, Melville, Lincoln, Twain, Picasso, Einstein, Darrow, Gandhi and Martin Luther King. And great conservatives? Hmmm. Cotton Mather and Ronald Reagan are about it I guess.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “It’s a bright beautiful world to see, but if you would like to experience it as a conservative, put on a welding helmet.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Conservatives are needed as the opposition party to rein in the excesses of moving too far too fast, but as we have witnessed time and again, when they are in control nothing good comes of it.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “If the conservative movement in America is mostly about getting the federal government off our backs, then why does the Republican platform promote constitutional amendments to force prayer in schools, force women to have children they do not want and make it a crime to express political dissent by burning a flag?” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “The essence of the conservative ideology is for the government to do as little as possible for the least of us, to allow intolerance and bigotry to run their natural course, and that individual economic self-interest is the be-all and end-all of human existence.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Name me a conservative idea that is newer than five thousand years?” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “While Political Correctness concerns administrative reprimands for publicly expressing various forms of bigotry, Conservative Correctness concerns the click of safeties and jail cell doors for saying unpatriotic, irreligious and naughty things.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Please understand, Political Correctness is primarily a propaganda tool to define liberals as intolerant Nazis.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

“There is a commonality between those owning guns, Pit Bulls & Rottweilers, and more SUV than they need. They all seem to wear cowboy hats that hang down past their ears.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

“If either Phil Gramm or Al D’Amato were to have a sex change operation and breed, the spawn of such an ill imagined coupling would move mankind to what they presume the next level of evolution; a race of chinless bug-eyed frog like creatures who don’t give a damn about anything but other chinless bug-eyed frog-like creatures.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “The funniest thing regarding the 2000 Election was when Rush Limbaugh argued that it was a mandate for George Bush.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 Not until they find a pubic hair on a chad will we get anywhere in this 2000 post election.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

“American conservatism works from the premise that a system of economic anarchy coupled with social intolerance is the true road to liberty, freedom and fairness.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Chads are falling out!” Republicans scream. “Chads are suppose to fall out you Boneheads!” Rack screams back.  Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “To be elected in America, no matter from what party, the candidates have no choice but to year after year pledge to lower taxes further and further. We have become the nation of Ken and Barbie, looking good but very poor at the math.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “The Republicans gained control of congress by throwing prime rib to the wealthy for the money, tossing buffalo wings to the middle class for the votes and gas of bean on everyone else.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “In a democracy, the power lies in the manipulation of public opinion, who controls information prevails.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “The point of the big lie that the news media has a liberal bias is perpetrated so conservatives can then out of hand disregard any negative things said about conservatives.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

“We should not be directing our anger at the AM Hate radio hosts, but at their audience of tens of millions of conservative bigots who keep them in business.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “You know, it seems to me that if one were to take the sex out of religion, there might actually be enough reasonable content in it to have a look.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “If the basis of the conservative ideology is responsibility and accountability for ones actions, then how can they say that television, movies and music are responsible and accountable for our actions?” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Dr. Laura Schlessinger got her PhD in the effects of insulin on 3-0-methylglucose transport in isolated rat adipocytes. She still does her rat work well.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Those in the media deciding what information to give us are in the top 5% of our income structure.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “If half of Americans were cannibals and half not, the media would be for moderate cannibalism.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Our news is not presented, it is marketed.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Those who fight so intensely against Affirmative Action belittle the slavery and apartheid of the past while ignoring the racism of the present.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “The spanking and capital punishment issues are very much alike. If either form of violence actually work as a deterrent, then children would never have to be spanked more than once, and we would be executing less people rather than more.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Considering my rebellious nature, if I had been born Black I wouldn’t have seen 21.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “I find it rather depressing that the most Right-wing crazy loon running for president, the most Right-wing crazy loon Supreme Court Justice and the most Right-wing crazy loon on the radio all happen to be black: Alan Keyes, Clarence Thomas and Ken Hamblin.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “The proof in the pudding for the need of affirmative action is so many white people bleeding from the ears to get rid of it.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “I have a question that every law enforcement agent should think hard about. What does your racism get you? It looks like OJ Simpson got away with murder because of it.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Blacks in America are judged by the worst of their race, putting them all on the primary suspect list.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “It isn’t Christianity that is the defining aspect of American history, it’s racism.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “We all know that the result of ending Affirmative Action is less black faces in colleges, government, management and winners of contract bids.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “The real answer to limiting war to only those absolutely necessary is to create and enforce an international law requiring only men over 40 be allowed in the military.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “If as they say in lieu of abortion, sex education, Pope-ism and birth control, population is not a problem, then why do they give a rats ass about immigration?” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “The crime of the century was not some black guy killing his white wife as the media tells us. But rather it was the murder of 168 people by a white, conservative, Christian, NRA wonk Army veteran.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “The Flag Amendment should read: The desecration of the flag will be punishable by federal law, as say we, the United Buffoons of America.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Pacifism – The American belief that Jesus Christ, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King were all pieces of human crap. Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “The greatest evil at work in the world is murder for immutable cause, that which the victim has little or no choice in changing, and when that evil raises it’s ugly head, the righteous should stand up and lop it off.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Death Before Dishonor. Where is that from again? I forgot if it was the Marines or the Cripps.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Those who really really want a gun, are the very ones who really, really shouldn’t be allowed to have one.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “The gun lobby pushes the white-wing theory that if enough guns are pumped into the inner cities, blacks will eventually shoot themselves out of existence.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll is morally superior to Hate, Alcohol and Lock & Load any way you look at it.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “The only things eternal are God, garbage and guns.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “These loons have so much guns and ammo on the brain that the lead content in their heads is dragging them down so far they’ll soon need a new planet with less gravity to keep their faces out of the dirt.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “From my dark side comes a thought. If one happens to be set upon suicide forget Kevorcian, just get on down to the gun store with a round in hand. Ask to see a matching caliber handgun, put round in chamber, lay head on the class counter, put gun to temple, point it down; make a big mess and a big statement simultaneously.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “You want to see some serious flag waving patriotism? Watch a clip of one of Hitler’s Nuremberg Rallies!” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Libertarians are just radical Right-wingers who have not one care for anything or anyone other than themselves. They are mostly white, single asocial computer nerds who have spent the major portion of their lives sitting in their bedrooms wishing someone liked them.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “To understand what a Libertarian is, fill the mold with the intellectual racism of Charles Murray, the political extremism of Ron Paul, and the nature of Timothy McVeigh.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “The Libertarian Party is much like promography, trying to find any redeeming social value in it is problematic.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Be sure to understand than when you hear the word “statist” or “statism” you are communicating with a Looneytarian; the most selfish sentient species this side of the Milky Way.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Conservatives only want to go back in time a couple of hundred years, Libertarians want to take us back 100,000 years.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Faith does not enhance reason, it replaces it.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “If its real to you, it’s money to us!” Said the UFO Abduction counselor. And the Minister, the Preacher, the Mullah, the Rabbi and the Priest. Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “As our ever growing conservative ideology rushes us down the road of selfishness, intolerance, bigotry, and petty hatreds, the only thing the Religious Right has done about it is to raise the speed limit.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Will The Rapture be like The Night of the Living Dead with freshly arisen rotting Christians bumbling about?” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Fascism mainly concerns some non elected power who the people must dogmatically obey or suffer dire consequences, with God as the role model.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “The only good I can find in fundamentalists consumed by the afterlife is they will make better dead people than live ones.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “I like Serrano’s Piss Christ, for it represents what has come to  surround Christianity since it has been hijacked by the political Right.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “The difference between a cult and a religion is the number of people in it.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “If God didn’t want people screwing at 13 why did he make them sexually mature at 13? Is God stupid?” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “As to the existence of God, I’m dumb enough to not know, but I’m at least smart enough to understand no one else does either.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “There are only two kinds of people floating up to their eyebrows in religion, those that gain wealth or power from it, and the nitwits who give it to them.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Treat Pro Lifers fairly if they hold true to their reasoning by also decrying capital punishment and without any of that conservative hypocritical blather about getting the government off our backs.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “The Religious Right is more concerned with what goes on before birth and after death than what goes on in between.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “The debate should not be whether abortion is good, bad or right or wrong, but whether a million women a year should have access to safe legal abortions or suffer dangerous illegal ones.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “If poor children wish to gain any help from the GOP, they had best crawl back in the womb.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

“A Planarian has a better grasp of the world at large than a fetus to viability.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

“Republican legislation cutting programs for children show conservatives to be far more concerned with potential children than they are with the real thing.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Using Constitutional quotes and arguments regarding abortion are ludicrous as that document did not include women, Indians or Blacks yet alone a fetus.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “States who execute the most people have the highest murder rates. Which puts a kibosh on the conservative belief capital punishment is a deterrent.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Father don’t ever forgive them for they know just what they do. And so I beseech you to found a religion in my name based on the personal pride taken in executing more people, more often and more quickly for ever less reason.” The last exclamation of Christ. Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

“It is not guilt or innocence, or even justice itself that drives our prosecutorial criminal justice system, it is the political advantage gained by winning.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “I think that anyone who wants to shove stuff up their butt should be able to keep whatever it is they stick up there.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “I came of age in the 60’s. In both the military and in college I saw drug use run rampant. Of the hundreds of people I have known who used drugs often, not one ever went to the hospital, a mental ward, into a dry-out program or died. But at least a score of them ended up in such places because of alcohol. And my experience is not that unusual. It’s that hypocrisy that has lost the War on Drugs.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “There is virtually nothing of Jesus Christ left in the Religious Right, it is now wholly dedicated to three issues: denying women the constitutional right to choose their own futures in regards to abortion; promoting discrimination, prejudice, bigotry and hatred of homosexuals, and destroying the concept of separation of Church and State by replacing the public schools with a system of religious indoctrination centers.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “If someone as intrinsically repugnant as Newt Gingrich receives the best free federally subsidized health care in the world, why shouldn’t you? And more importantly, why, while he got his, did he do everything possible to deny you, yours?” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Did Jesus, before he produced bread and fish out of the air to feed the masses, preface his miracle commanding they first don orange vests and pick up empty wine cups along the Road to Damascus?” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Never lose sight of the connection between supermarket tabloids, professional wrestling, evangelism and supply side economics.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “If you make less than $65,000 a year and vote Republican, you are a moron.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Whenever Republicans are in charge, buying stock in prison contracting and Remington go without saying, but the highest yields are always fortified wines, bottled water and high-end golf carts.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “When one area of taxation is reduced, other areas of taxation are increased to make up for it, most always having progressive taxes replaced with regressive ones.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Of all the issues, the environment is a dilly. That teaching kids to fight pollution, to care about their environment and to save whales is cause for some of the most rabid denigration going on in the political debate. No other issue better illustrates that innate quality of conservatism, the nature of the Beast.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “All honorable men of good character who may be lucky enough to get a BJ not only refrain from pointing the finger, but lie about it if asked.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “From now on in America, any man lucky enough to get a BJ knows to pull the shade; for there is probably a Republican outside peeking in the window.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

“The big mistake Bill Clinton made was showing up for the Paula Jones civil suit. I’ll bet that wasn’t Hillary’s idea.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “I have noticed that the black community is more unified in defending President Clinton over the impeachment than any other I can recall. I guess it’s because a BJ here or there is the least of their concerns.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “It seems getting BJs makes for good presidents. Perhaps it should be a requirement of office. In fact, maybe we should strap a pair of kneepads on Monica and after she’s done with Cowboy George, send her to the Middle East.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Bill Clinton was a wonderful father and a great president, but he isn’t such a good husband, and in these times, two out of three ain’t bad.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “It’s really weird when conservatives enjoin us to all have a national discussion about bjs but refuse to participate in a similar discussion concerning race.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “When any conservative begins whining about Clinton’s sex life, be sure to remind them that both Ronald Reagan and Pat Robertson married pregnant women.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Joe McCarthy was finally forced to stop his witch hunt because he had to answer to the Senate; fascist little crap Ken Starr answers to no one.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “I think that any man who manages to become the most powerful person in the world should get all the BJs he wants.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “If you want to go back in time and see great literature deal with all this vindictive Rule of Law crap, read Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “If you find yourself in an argument with a conservative who is defending George W. Bush’s intelligence, ask them to name an elected President they think George is smarter than. I have seen not a few huff and puff so hard to that they turned purple.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Cowboy George has not been content with just screwing up America these past few years, he is now intent on spending the rest of his time screwing up the whole World.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Terrorism is just another word for nothing left to lose.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Since 911, if you have a dark bushy mustache, shave it off!” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Who would have guessed only a few weeks after Americans got their $300 a piece tax rebate, they would have spent it all on flags.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “The terrorists have us at an advantage with their endless supply of people who will sacrifice themselves for the cause while we have trouble sacrificing two cents a head so a poor kid can have a carton of milk and a jelly sandwich at school.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “What with blowing up clinics, shooting doctors, Andrea Yates’ excuses and the endless terrorists blowing themselves up hither and yon, the truth regarding the cause of the violence is not addressed by anyone at all: Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Who do you think supplied Saddam Hussein with weapons of mass destruction in the first place? Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “There’s something about the term Homeland Security that is reminiscent of Hitler’s Fatherland; and when Moslems and Jews are attached respectively, it gets even worse.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Don’t forget that old conservative adage; war should always be considered as the first resort.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

“Perspective: Every year, gun toting and drunk driving Americans kill three times as many innocent American civilians (each), than Scumbagga bin Laden has in one year, once.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “Cowboy George started a war with Iraq because Saddam Hussein threatened his father, he wants more control of the oil in the region for his friends, and because Saddam is such an a whole he can get away with it.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “George Bush’s diplomatic skills create about a million enemies of America each day.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com

 “The only hope liberalism has for the future is cloning.” Rack Jite- https://rackjite.com