John Oliver’s Handy Holiday Guide to the Art of Re-gifting

John Oliver's Handy Holiday Guide to the Art of Regifting

John Oliver of Last Week Tonight may be on hiatus until February, but he hasn’t forgotten his loyal fans who are in need of guidance in the art of holiday re-gifting. “During the holidays, you are going to receive one profoundly underwhelming gift,” declares John, here’s how to give it to someone else without getting caught. After all, someone else may truly love that hideous sweater, or need a dozen handkerchiefs embroidered with a Scottish thistle…Someone with a time machine like Dr. Who. I got them in a White Elephant present exchange, in this century. I suspect the infamous Janice in Accounting is responsible.

28 People Whose Holiday Sucks More Than Yours, Buzzfeed

28 People Whose Holiday Sucks More Than Yours  Buzzfeed Enjoying the holiday mishaps of others isn’t quite as mean spirited as schadenfreude – but it sure is fun! It’s not always the perfection of the day that you remember. No one will recall that your cherished crystal and silver shined, and the table was perfect. They will remember the cat riding the tree to the ground. In the much-loved “A Christmas Story” everything from The Bumpus Hounds to a fancy ‘imported’ lamp and bunny rabbit jammies conspired to keep perfection at bay.  After enough time has passed that you can appreciate the humor, often the  the most memorable events that mark holiday celebrations throughout the years are the wee disasters and glitches…So lighten up, have some nog or grog and roll with it!

Holiday Guilt Trips UCB Comedy

Holiday Guilt Trips UCB  Comedy

We’re going on a guilt trip for the holidays!  Of course there are minor skirmishes throughout the year, but this is the magical time when there are no holds barred in the ancient art and practice of guilt. And no one is too old to be susceptible, and you cannot fight it. So take your disappointing self home for the holidays and be glad thaEditt someone cares enough to guilt you. You can pick up a few tips to use on your own offspring – whenever you get around to having some…Hint hint.