Onion: Nation’s Hardass Cops Finally Find Time To Play Games! Video

Onion : Hard Ass Cops Now Carve Out Time to Play Games, Find This S**t funny! Video

In a sudden departure from their long-held stance of not being here to play games and not, in fact, having the time to play games, the nation’s hardass cops announced Wednesday they had finally carved out a couple hours during which games could be played. It is hoped that teachers and other authority figures who have also long claimed no time to ‘play games’ may change their stance as well. The ancient question ‘You think this **** is funny?’ is explored as well.

Key & Peele: Lone Driver Stopped By Magician Cop Late At Night

Key & Peele sketch comedy:  Magician Cop gives driver on lonely road a frightening and difficult decision to make
A police officer pulls over a late night driver on a deserted road. This scenario is frightening enough – until the officer investigates the car and ‘finds’ incriminating items which surprise the driver, and could put him in prison for years!  This could be your worst nightmare too – and it only gets worse!  There is a way out, but  the driver has a very difficult choice to make!