Secession rule passes Texas GOP platform committee

Secession rule passes Texas GOP platform committeeSome think that Ted Cruz is some sort of evil red herring that tricked his way to the senate here in Texas, but he is rather mild compared to the top three state wide offices held by Governor Greg Abbott, Lt Governor Dan Patrick and Attorney General Ken Paxton who are easily the three most right-wing lunatics at the top of any state ticket including Mississippi.

Governor Gregg Abbott campaigned and had pictures take with his pal Ted Nugent. Lt Governor Dan Patrick is a long time evangelical Right-wing radio talkshow host, and Attorney General Ken Paxton is presently been indicted for not a few issues of corruption.

But I really chose this story ¬†TEXAS SECESSION RESOLUTION PASSES GOP COMMITTEE¬†for the link to WorldNetDaily so yall could get a little taste of the most Right-wing website on Earth. Don’t miss the comment section, the gist of which is that when secession happens the damn Mexicans will send their armies to retake Tejas, but gun enthusiasts still living back in the Socialist States of Horrible will come down with their thirty ought-oughts to help defend Texas. You know just like with the Alamo. How did that one end again?

So I am all for it. And take Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi with it. The Republican Base needs their own Caliphate, someplace for them to go be happy rather than starting their own Christian Gun Homeland in the Middle East where they belong. You know a place with Christia Law.