America’s image is now an assault rifle

America's image is now an assault rifle

For quite some time now the symbol of the Republican Party has been an AR15 assault rifle. Well until the other day anyway when a liberal Democrat used one to shoot congressmen on a baseball field in Virginia and it became our national symbol. Liberal Democrats not very good at rifle assaulting it seems, the guy didn’t manage to kill anyone but himself.

What does the assault rifle symbol mean? Here in Texas I see it’s silhouette daily on the back of pickup truck windows, on ten foot banners at the beach with the COME AND TAKE IT phrase. Next to some camo covered bozo getting gas next to me in a black pickup covered with confederate flags.  The new normal. You get used to it after 20 or 30 years.

These large magazine weapons of war have been flying off the shelves, pink for the ladies and .227 versions in various camo colors for the children. Five year olds are carrying them around saying how much fun they are to play with.

The preferred weapon of terrorists, mass murderers, racists, the insane, Trump voters and the Republican Base.

The weapon of choice for Republicans to open carry, loaded and carrying extra magazines to demonstrations, town halls, to the park, to parades and flag waving patriotic meetups.

We are so consumed with this most ubiquitous symbol of violence in the world that even when white conservative congressmen got shot with them, the talk is not of getting rid of them but getting more of them. Arming United States congressmen with fire power parity, ie, the American parliament soon open carrying assault rifles wherever the go. The symbol of American freedom and safety to the rest of the world.