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Anyone from anywhere can make a fool of Katrina Pierson

Anyone from anywhere can make a fool of Katrina PiersonAt the top of the bill we have even a rather dense Wolf Blitzer able to make a lying fool out of Katrina Pierson – Donald Trump’s top surrogate spokesman on TV – who in defense of her boss Agent Orange with his petty vindictive attack on the Khan family claims President Obama and Hillary Clinton are responsible for the death of their son Capt Khan.

We can expect Ms Pierson to be the Trump Administration White House press secretary while Ben Carson would become communications director. Wait a minute now. The funniest thing I can imagine is if instead Ben Carson became Press Secretary up on the tube everyday stumbling around and nodding off. Wow. Which brings up a bit of horror in my own character.

If it were not for the button, the cynic in me would like to see Trump win this thing, what a circus, what a well deserved end to the GOP, what fun, what laughs and grading on a curve it would at least double the IQ’s of the rest of us.

And if that isn’t enough for you, here it goes again at length.

As to “the report” as one would guess, is a report from various conspiracy websites, namely Breitbart and Infowars with SNOPES saying bullpoop. The bottom line of it is that Mr Khan is not only a member and agent for the Muslim Brotherhood, but he advocates Sharia Law and is a horrible person out to destroy our American way of life and Donald Trump treated him and his Sharia wife very lightly considering he should be summarily deported.

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