Balloon Head Michele Bachmann Flunks History spreads Tea Party lies

This video by Anderson Cooper is a nice companion piece to Bachmann’s SOTU after speech. Once you’ve viewed her bizarre conception of American History, it shines an even dimmer and flickering light on her presumption to speak for the Republican Party (Tea Party division).

This same issue is discussed here on Hardball with Chris Matthews where it looks like he has come up with the new name for Congresswoman Bachmann, Balloon Head.

No seventh grader in this country would pass
History using the fantastic dream-scape Bachmann presents here with a straight face. The entire thing would be funny if it weren’t such a slap in the face to so many who struggled with their very life blood to make this a democratic society.

To forget the Civil War, and merge the Founding Fathers with the fight to end slavery is beyond idiotic, it’s outright frightening when Bachmann occupies a seat in the Congress,
and if I’m not mistaken, is in charge of classes teaching the Constitution to incoming dimbulbs, that is one lesson plan worth seeing.