Boris Epshteyn makes a fool of Boris Epshteyn, Real Time with Bill Maher

Boris Epshteyn makes a fool of Boris Epshteyn, Real Time with Bill MaherThis one on one interview at the start of the show with Boris Epshteyn has no desk so Bill Maher will not go to his next standup gig with big bloody bumps on his forehead. Talking to these kind of people is like doing a Spock mindmeld with a turnip.

Boris Epshteyn is so far out in right-wing La La Land that even Trump had to dump him.

Sinclair Group is the second largest media company in America, and like Murdoch’s News Corp, is a media conglomerate that pushes conservative and Republican politics and values often requiring member stations to air their own “must runs” in favor of Republican candidates and conservative values.

Sinclair Group is the entity we now hear about that has plans to replace Fox News as the right-wing media purveyor of fair and balanced Right-wing swill, hiring Boris Epshteyn as their communication director.

If you haven’t heard, Fox News is going progressive!  So much so that beloved Tea Party, Mormon, Hillary investigator from the progressive state of Utah, Jason Chaffetz has resigned from the House of Representatives to get his own show at Fox News. It’s going liberal folks!

But in Epshtyen’s defense I must say that later in the show, Cornell West was just head knocking the desk bad in refusing to say Trump is worse than Hillary. Because… Hillary talked to banks!  Can’t have that.