Colbert: Ryan Romney Honeymoon and the Enlightment

Republicans are still fighting The Enlightenment at every turn. It was about that time they invented the word SCIENCE. As opposed to the intellectual standard of the time, religions dogma.  It was one of those watershed moments in human history. A game changer where a few educated people decided it would be best to make decisions based upon observation, evidence and rational thought. It was soon followed by the Age of Reason, which we here in America (and in France) led the way.

And who has been the enemy of observation, evidence, rational thought and reason every since? Paul Ryan’s Catholic Church.  Mormons did not appear until well after all that, and besides that’s galactic history what with Jesus now living on planet Kolob in magic long underwear and all.

Paul Ryan’s Catholicism fully accepts those parts of it that deny freedom and liberty, glorify intolerance and bigotry, while completely ignoring that part of the Church which advocates for the poor.  That is what INTELLECTUAL means these days.

ryan missed Enlightment