Daily Show Al Madrigal: Denver, Mile High State Marijuana Reeferendum

cheech and chong in coloradoThis is about 40 years late in coming.  What is most absurd is how the federal government does their drug scheduling thing. Schedule 2 is cocaine, morphine and meth. Even worse is schedule 1, which is marijuana and heroin. Beyond the absurd. Some say none of these referendums will work because of Federal Laws.  That would have been the case in a Republican Administration, but it seems a pretty sure thing that the Obama Justice Department is going to step back on this and look the other way. After all, why antagonize your base?

I also find it hard to believe that there is anyone who has not tried it. Well gee wilikers, except Mitt Romney of course. Not even a beer there.

After 40 years I am still with the simple solution. Anyone can grow as much pot as they want, but buying and selling it is still illegal. Perhaps no tax revenues but free and simple.