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Daily Show, Hillary’s dreams, Wikileaks and Julian Assange

Daily Show, Hillary, Wikileaks and Julian AssangeOMG! Have you heard?  Wikileaks!  Hillary Clinton who ran for the Senate, and the presidency twice is, are you ready for this, a politician!  And even worse she admits that she has said things in private that she doesn’t say in public!  OMG. Where will it all end? When well they drag her off to jail?  And there is that email that had the (c) at the bottom of it!  And she explained Benghazi away with what the CIA and the FBI told her. OMG. LOCK HER UP!

Speaking of Julian Assange I must recommend reading this article from Bloomberg Business Week, How Julian Assange Turned WikiLeaks Into Trump’s Best Friend.  BTW, with NEWSWEEK dead an TIME just a 5 minute page through, Bloomberg Business Week is the best weekly magazine out there these days. 

The article was written well before Ecuador cut off Julian Assange’s internet access from his room in their London consulate for tampering with outside elections. Though this has no effect on WikiLeaks who with the help of Russian hackers will be pushing out more leaks to help The Donald along.

But the story of Julian Assange is one of the most potent stories of a failed movement, a failed website and a failed human being.  And after the Ecuador election next year, Mr Assange will be on his own and more than likely in jail somewhere or other.

His story also bodes poorly for both Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald who are so deeply associated with him and Wikileaks no matter they that they now try and distance themselves.

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