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Daily Show John Oliver, Australian Gun Control and the Ninja Police

australia gun controlPart 3 in the Australian Gun Control series by John Oliver.

On no, look out, hide under your bed, load your Bushmaster, it’s the Ninja Police!

I think this is the one that captures my view on all this. Rather than spend all day thinking, playing, talking and fondling guns and the accompaning anger and paranoia, GO TO THE BEACH. Nothing to shoot at the beach! Well other than the coming swarms of Chinamen.

I did quite a bit of that backpacking thing in the Southern climes as a young man. Teamed up with all sorts of world travelers and it was always the Aussies who I ended spending most of my walkabout with.  An affinity that was like on automatic. Beer, beaches and hard laughs.

John Oliver Gun Control in Australia part 1

John Oliver Gun Control in Australia part 2

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