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Do the Right Thing 2, Jimmy Kimmel’s Do the White Thing

Jimmy Kimmel Do the Right Thing 2,  Do the White Thing

Jimmy Kimmel celebrates Brooklyn – 26 years after Spike Lee filmed his iconic movie ‘Do The Right Thing’ in the rough and gritty neighborhood.  Things have changed a lot in Brooklyn since 1989 when Spike Lee’s movie put Brooklyn in the spotlight.  Now, 26 years after the original film, Kimmel and pals have created a sequel that does an equally good job of reflecting the spirit and feeling of Brooklyn today.

At one time, Brooklyn was associated with street gangs, crime and poverty; but the old neighborhood has undergone a transformation. The good or ill, the gentrification of Brooklyn is in full swing. Hipsters roam the  organic, cold-pressed, gluten-free streets now, and thrift stores are doing a land office business – ironically, of course.

In the sequel, Jimmy is the lone hold out from the ‘old days,’ running a pizzeria ‘his way’ – but when gangs of roving hipsters get angry he may have to change and fit in – or will there be a show down?