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Donald Trump wins 2nd Debate for being not as bad as Idi Amin!

Donald Trump wins 2nd Debate for being not as bad as Idi Amin! Fox and other online polls show The Donald won last night’s debate by 65 to 35. On the other hand actual polling shows Hillary won the debate 65 to 35. The difference of course is that deplorable people are far angrier, hateful, loud and engaged that the rest of us.

The Donald winning the second debate was mostly because he said that his rough language was not as bad as ISIS and that when he is president he will throw Hillary in jail.

At first glance saying such things would seem not to be a WIN-WIN for him, but that considers that his base is made up of well meaning unemployed working people rather than the deplorable, detestable and despicable white people they actually are, you know the kind of people who you hear cheering at this debate for putting The Mother of ISIS and email bandit behind bars. ┬áIt’s what they are. It’s who they are. But thankfully it does suggest a moderate streak. That The Donald will not have Hillary taken out back and shot and then eaten, which puts him a step up from Idi Amin.

Donald Trump 2016 – Not as bad as Idi Amin!

And remember Idi Amin did not eat all of an enemy, just small parts of them, you know, just to make a point.

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