Drug cops check 3 weeks of jail poop from Nigerian comic Baba Suwe

The War on Drugs rages on, and the biggest battles often take place in the solitude of one man’s intestine. In this case, an innocent – and well known man had to reveal ‘all that was inside him’ before he could prove himself to be innocent. A waiting game which turned into a three week comedy.

As if you didn’t know, airport x-ray machines aren’t always correct in what they see. No one knows this better than popular Nigerian comedian Babatunde Omidina. Omidina, 53, popularly known as "Baba Suwe," was arrested by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency while boarding a Paris-bound flight from Lagos airport on October 12. An airport x-ray scanner allegedly showed bags of white powder in his stomach.

Innocence could only be proven during three weeks of incarceration, and many closely scrutinized bowel movements by agents with whom Omidina became more familiar than he would have chosen. The laugh is on the authorities who have now satisfied themselves that there was no cocaine. They did learn however, that a local porridge resembles cocaine in clear bags when viewed through their x-ray system.

Which reminds me of an article from Mr Jite some years ago…

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