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Dumbass Mitt sits at kiddy table. Insult to Medvedev bounces back. C. Matthews

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In his segment "Let Me Finish" Chris Matthews places Mitt Romney back at the ‘kid’s table,’ with the others who are too young to understand the conversation and humor at the ‘big people’s table.’ Of course we are speaking about a GOP candidate for President of the United States – fine, he can wear a red, white and blue hat and remain at the kid’s table with his knees bumping the top of the shaky card table.

Fortunately Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has a good relationship with President Obama, is a man of the world, and did not take Romney’s insults as symbolic of the opinions of Americans in general.

Anxious to make President Obama look bad Mitt lunged! Romney spat out that Moscow was America‚Äôs "No. 1 geopolitical foe." Perhaps he said ‘don’t know my a whole from my elbow?’
My hearing isn’t what it was…But Medvedev’s is. He suggested that "Romney use his head and look at your watch, it’s not the mid seventies, it’s 2012."

This is no mere "I can see Putin rear his head from my back yard" comment from an unschooled and bull-headed Sarah Palin. In the book "The Real Romney" the attempts of Fox News to show Romney as a self-made man are squelched forever. Following his life of privilege, and the best schools money can buy, there is no excuse for Mitt Romney to be unaware of such major history as the end of the Cold War!

Perhaps he missed it while doing missionary work in France? This coincided with his dad’s tenure as Governor, and also – by luck and by golly got him a draft deferment. Mind, he is just like you and me!

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