Florida Panhandle Redneck Coonskin Carter Johnson in the news

Here is the clip that made Carter Johnson famous!

Here is the extended interview with the now famous Carter Johnson. Sorry no translator available… To Carter’s credit, he did put his shirt on when asked, even though he didn’t want to.

Ever wonder how people like Herman Cain, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum can get 30% of the Republican vote?  Looking for that definitive example of what the Republican Base actually embodies?  Well here you go, Carter Johnson from the Florida Pan Handle (home of Joe Starbuck Scarborough) which is said to be the most conservative region in America. Don’t get off I-10 unarmed.

Earlier this year on a business trip to one of those fancy hotels in Destin, Florida on the Redneck Riviera we got a close up view. The two hour drive from the airport to the hotel was filled with billboards telling the local story. Not as many ABORTION IS BABY KILLING signs as one would expect, but by far the dominate billboards that kept coming and coming and coming…  DRINK AND DRIVE GO TO JAIL or ADDICTED? CALL 555-4444 FOR HELP!

So here is that answer we have been looking for. The Republican Base is primarily made up of drunks and meth addicts in coon skin hats.  Though many of us down here already knew that…