Florida Professor James Tracy says Sandy Hook was staged. So much for liberal bias professors!

james tracyTenured associate professor James Tracey at Florida Atlantic State University say the Sandy Hook Massacre was staged in a conspiracy between the media and the government.

Of course the counter to this by mainstream Republicans who have not said a word from either the House or Senate to even talk about extended clips or universal background checks, is that we are only seeing the handful of nut jobs who exist. MY GOD. Count every jerkoff who has bought an assault rifle or an extended clip since Sandy Hook which in all states has “SKYROCTETED”. And count the 100,000 jerkoff who joined the NRA since Sandy Hook. And count all the jerkoffs you personally know. It’s tens of millions of these KIND of people. Let me ask you. You ever see a black person doing this gun nut crap? It seems to be another uniquely white endeavor.
Here’s the thing. Seeing Wayne LaPierre, Alex Jones, Ted Nugent on some of these cable news programs is not enough. It is not how things work. It has to be advertising which is repeated over and over and over again for months at a time.  Twix Bar saturation  That is why I have come to believe that the Giffords are on the right path. Americans For Responsible Solutions