Florida Professor James Tracy says Sandy Hook was staged. So much for liberal bias professors!

james tracyTenured associate professor James Tracey at Florida Atlantic State University say the Sandy Hook Massacre was staged in a conspiracy between the media and the government.

Of course the counter to this by mainstream Republicans who have not said a word from either the House or Senate to even talk about extended clips or universal background checks, is that we are only seeing the handful of nut jobs who exist. MY GOD. Count every jerkoff who has bought an assault rifle or an extended clip since Sandy Hook which in all states has “SKYROCTETED”. And count the 100,000 jerkoff who joined the NRA since Sandy Hook. And count all the jerkoffs you personally know. It’s tens of millions of these KIND of people. Let me ask you. You ever see a black person doing this gun nut crap? It seems to be another uniquely white endeavor.
Here’s the thing. Seeing Wayne LaPierre, Alex Jones, Ted Nugent on some of these cable news programs is not enough. It is not how things work. It has to be advertising which is repeated over and over and over again for months at a time.¬† Twix Bar saturation¬† That is why I have come to believe that the Giffords are on the right path. Americans For Responsible Solutions

  • Curculio

    If I were a student at his University, I would protest his courses. A long-term agenda would be to boycott his courses. What could you learn from someone whose claim to fame as a median professor is to deny out of hand any event that he hasn’t seen personally. He doesn’t give any evidence besides a hand-me down dress that anything is amiss. It would have been best to state his hypothesis after gathering evidence. That is what a good teacher should do.

    • db

      Please see Ms. ‘Cat’s post below. She states that Florida Atlantic receives significant funding from the Koch Brothers. Your protest or boycott would be useless as the guy is bought and sold.

  • db


    Not trying to be disagreeable for the sake of being disagreeable. Apologies. Trying to understand your position & why the USA, of all countries in the world, has the gun violence problem.

    Are you stating Lincoln’s position from the 2nd Inaugural? The sin of slavery was condoned by the Founders & both the Civil War & our current gun problems are God’s punishment for that sin? Well, you’d probably phrase it differently; but is that where you’re headed?

    • rackjite

      No, I am saying nothing of the sort. I am trying to make you understand that the gun lobby has been taken over by Right-wing lunatics. And RIGHT_WING LUNATICS HATE NEGROES.

      They want as much fire power as they can get to ward off NEGROES and those who want to give NEGROES benefits like food stamps, unemployment compensation, Medicaid and above all HEALTH INSURANCE (Obamacare). IT IS WHAT THE GUNS ARE FOR. Gosh. What is so hard about that. Listen to Bubba. I wonder if you have even seen Kutzu, spanish moss, a palm tree or the gulf of Mexico?

      And that same American racism is why we are the only country who refuses to accept health care as a RIGHT. It’s what ENTITLEMENTS mean. You think the GOP is going to destroy Medicare and SS? NO, that is their base. The words, “debt” the “entitlements” are all heaped upon what Ted Nugent calls “The Apes downtown.” Its THE WHY of the rural urban split.

      You mention Australia and Canada. Blacks in both places are less than 2%. Here its 13%.
      The gun violence primarily comes from GUNS and the GUN CULTURE. It also comes from our CHRISTIAN JOY in executing people. What a lesson for our kids. KEEP KILLING. After those two, come violence in movies and games and such.

      • db


        I’ve got the first part.

        But none of the recent shootings have been Whites shooting Blacks.

        • bubba

          Exactly! I am no racist, I have never owned a slave, burned a cross or killed a [delete]. I just don’t like them or want them anywhere around me or mine. I have the means to keep them from me one at a time or in mass and Socialists and Marxists like Jite and Groso want to take that right away from me. Not going to happen.

      • Muy Groso

        You got shooting positions all worked out from under your bed Bubba? Can you even fit under your bed?

  • cicero

    @rackjite. Of course blacks have committed mass shootings. Hartford Distributors shooting, August 3, 2010, 34-year-old African American man, Omar Shariff Thornton, shot and killed eight people before turning a gun on himself. BTW: What is an “extended clip?” Perhaps you need to educate yourself on historical incidents and firearms before commenting further.

    • bubba

      I am with you 100%!
      And that [DELETE] on the train some years back! Not mention all the sand [DELETE] killing our children on 911.
      Rack dont know the difference between a clip and a magazine. One he puts in his kinky hair and the other he reads.

    • If black people were organizing as armed militias, as we see whites doing in very large numbers, you can bet there would be some excitement and pressure to put a lid on it!

      • Muy Groso

        We have been there. The black panthers went to the California capital building in Sacramento armed with assault rifles. It only took a month or so for Governor Ronald Reagan to enact the most draconian gun laws in the nation! Funny how that works…

        Good to see mr [delete] back! He always makes us feel at home down here in Dumbutt.

  • db


    At the risk of going around the circle again; the USA is not the only country founded on racism (if it is at all; but that’s another argument) Austrailia, New Zealand, Canada, all Central & South America, South Africa, and most other African nations were founded by displacing (exterminating) the indegenous population.

    None of those countries have the gun problem we do. What’s different? I’ll certainly argue that the White South Africans were more “racist” that White Americans.

    Somehow the Canadian history makes them less racist? A better group of settlers? That argument doesn’t work on Austraila.

    But the USA is the only one with the gun problem.

    • rackjite

      Gosh… RACISM IS BUILT INTO THE CONSTITUTION! 3/5ths HUMAN! We fought a war FOR SLAVERY more than 50 years after the rest of the world gave it up.
      APARTHEID until 1965!
      Why do you think they HATE Obama so much? His big ears? Oh, I suppose one could say its because he wants health care for poor people. So who do you think THEY thing POOR PEOPLE ARE?

      But I suppose what with having the same movies and games the only difference from the places you mentioned is the United States is BY FAR the most Christian of the bunch.

      Keep asking yourself what THEY want the assault rifles and the 100 round drums FOR. Not self defense, not hunting, which leaves what?

      What do you think the EVANGELICAL CHRISTIAN percentage of the NRA is? Can it be 110%? You know like the coaches say.

      • db


        “What do you think the EVANGELICAL CHRISTIAN percentage of the NRA is?”

        Are you saying all gun owners are Christians or all Christians are gun owners? I’ll take the other side on either one.

        So why is the USA the only racist country?

        • rackjite

          No, I am saying 110% of gun crazy morons are Christians. It’s the NFL playoffs and I am in sports mode.

          I never said that the US was the only racist country. How absurd to say I would say such a stupid thing.

          I said it was FOUNDED on racism. You know, in the constitution. And because our fight over SLAVERY caused more Americans to be killed than in all the restt of wars COMBINED.

          Then came 100 years of apartheid including the lynching and the klan.. And now the Tea Party, and the GOP suppressing the black vote in every state they control.

          What is it you are getting at anyway. Just disagreeing to be disagreeable?

  • It’s no surprise that this is the Florida (State) University the Koch brothers have poured money into, and in return they offer their guidance in the selection staff and curriculum.

  • Auslaender

    I get to own guns and videogames despite the actions of anyone’s out-of-control-embarassment-son’s actions. No one can change my bill of rights.

    • db

      Actually the Supreme Court will decide those questions.

      But Lt., why does the Prof (not to be confused with our Prof. Wade) assert the shooting was rigged? A girl’s clothes were passed to a younger sister? All I heard was that “questions need to be answered”. What questions? What evidence go they have?

      • Muy Groso

        That isn’t the point. Cooper just put this out to show what irrational dickheads these NRA wonks happen to be. Why are they all so white and angry ya think? As Rack says, I too know what the guns are for

        • db

          Sr. Groso,

          So we are back to the discussion I had with the Lt. a few weeks ago. Why are only American White Guys angry? What makes guns dangerous in America but not Switzerland?

          Are you, the Lt., (& Malcolm X) saying that a multi-racial society can’t exist as it will eventually tear itself apart over racial issues? If so how come none of the recent gun massacres have been racially motivated?

        • rackjite

          This nation was founded on racism. It was an apartheid state until 1964. Race is the reason we are the only nation without universal health care. Races is why we have the Tea Party, it is what THE GUNS ARE FOR!
          In Switzerland ALL GUNS ARE REGISTERED, most are kept in armories, and all owners are in the National Guard. And they were the last, other than us, of the civilized world moving to universal health care in 2006.

    • Muy Groso

      You also have the right to be a racist, a bigot, a homophobe, a moron and an asshole, but that doesn’t make it right.