Four Arrested in Denver Obama Assassination Plot photos

Obama assassination

Denver police, Secret Service and FBI have arrested four men in what may be an assassination attempt on Barack Obama. This just in from Denver.

Denver, Colorado – Four people have been arrested in Denver amid fears of a plot to kill Democratic White House hopeful Barack Obama, a local report said on Monday.

Denver-based CBS34 said one of the men arrested had told authorities they were "going to shoot Obama from a high vantage point using … a rifle … sighted at 750 yards (meters)."

The shooting was supposed to happen on Thursday when Obama will accept the nomination as the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate for the November elections at the 75 000-seat Invesco stadium, the television station reported.

Sadly I have to say this one more time…

While some of you may wonder how many James Earl Rays’ live here in America, down here in Dumbutt, Texas I wonder how many live on my street.

  • Newscat

    OH My Gawd!

    May I present the poster boys for an
    “All White America” what superior breeding stock.

    I don’t think this country deserves a decent leader. I’m certain he won’t back down, but I’d much rather see him alive
    in the Senate, with his wife and family…and that – is the result of Home Grown Terrorism.