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Fox News Megyn Kelly laughs AT Karl Rove and his Romney Landslide white boards

Fox News Megyn Kelly laughs AT Karl Rove and his Romney Landslide white boardsThis Hillary Clinton’s health thing can’t possible get anywhere unless we get the emails, the Doctor emails, the nurse station emails, the hospital emails, the health insurance emails and the emails of the emails.

And what about your emails? ¬†You can stop emailing today but every one of your emails is still floating around somewhere. And finding emails is what Republicans do, in fact it’s about all Republicans actually do. Well other than the white boards.

I would guess that these are the same white boards that Karl Rove used the night of our last Presidential election to show that Mitt Romney was sure to win, even Fox News Megyn Kelly had to laugh at the dufus when he pulled out the second one.

If only Hillary had used white boards rather than email, hey?

As one of the 20 women now disposing Roger Ailes and friends as serial sexual harassers, I wonder what will become of Megyn come next year.

Learned today that The Donald sits between Kellyanne Conway and Rudy Giuliani when he is not on stage being the rockstar of his rallies – which we can all agree is what he is in this for. He is on the phone to Stephen Bannon a dozen times a day too, seems Bannon is there primarily as the alt.right dog-whistle to depivot the pivot. Though the Donald is superficially softening his speeches on blacks, Mexicans and immigrants his whitely Republican base sees the appointment of Bannon as CEO as where he really stands no matter what he is forced to say.

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