Fox News, O’Reilly and Trump, A Closer Look – Seth Meyers

Fox News, O'Reilly and Trump, A Closer Look - Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at Trump’s close relationship with Fox News, and his loyalty to Bill O’Reilly; Roger Aile’s successor in the sexual harassment stakes at Fox News. Trump claims ‘Bill did nothing wrong’ but the network may feel that O’Reilly – the face of family values, is no longer worth keeping when 21 advertisers so far, have dropped Fox after O’Reilly’s victims began to make the scale of his harassment public.

Seth illustrates how Roger Aile’s unique blend of creepy sexual harassment, paranoia, fear and intimidation have merged to create just the perfect network to serve as state TV for Trump. The symbiotic relationship between Trump and Fox is – as is everything Trump – bizarre. Fox  acts as the propaganda arm of the Trump administration. In turn for their blindly idiotic support, Trump believes their skewed take on the news, and even acts as a free-lance advertiser, directing Twitter followers to specific shows, or offering gushy compliments on his favorite segments. After all, the hard work of campaigning is done for another three years, and presumably – America is Great Again.