Fox News Shep Smith steps forward as the one to debunk the Uranium One bunk

Fox News Shep Smith steps forward as the one to debunk the Uranium One bunk

Louie Golmert’s Uranium One conspiracy chart. The only names able to be read from any distance just happen to be three African Americans: Obama, Holder and Lynch.

Fox News Shep Smith broke with his network and in 5 minutes completely debunked in simple Fox News audience terms their Uranium One conspiracy theory. Will Shep Smith last at Fox News after this?  His video here is a hard kick in the pants to fellow Fox News employee Sean Hannity who is bleeding this fake news conspiracy from his ears. Well when he is not defending child molesters and pedophiles.

The accusation from hardcore Right-wing activists is only meant to redirect the Russian probe from Trump to Hillary. The accusation is that 9 people involved in the 20% Uranium One sale to Russian gave $145 million to the Clinton Foundation as quid pro quo for Secretary of State Clinton approving the sale of nuclear material to Russia to fuel more hbombs against us..

Secretary of State Clinton had no power nor did the State Department to approve or deny the sale.

$141 million to the Clinton Foundation of the so called bribe came from one Canadian in 2007 onward, all after he sold his interest in the company and before Hillary was Secretary of State.

The Russians are not allowed to sell their 20% of the uranium outside our borders.

And what this is really all about is whether Trump can get the Justice Department to reap vengeance upon his personal political enemies. If Sessions does fall to Trump over this it will be bigger news than the Russians.