George Carlin takes down Political Correctness

George Carlin takes down Political CorrectnessI am sure many reading here disagree with George Carlin on this, I find myself also finding this wanting, especially how he ignores racism and bigotry.  And of course we should call people what they wish to be called.


I also believe that political correctness is the single most important issue that drives the working class into Republican straight ticket voters. Losing over 90% of the American landmass to red bigotry. Loss of the House, the Senate, governors, state houses, counties and school boards. Elitists shaking fingers in their face.

In fact I am willing to say that in the future political correctness will be seen as the right thing to do, for after all political incorrectness is nothing more than a celebration of bigotry.

But being pragmatic with concern to make the electorate to move forward rather than backward I have to say…