Glenn Beck’s Spectacular Liberty Independence Park! Video: Hilarious Spoof by Brian Sack

Glenn Beck's Libertypendence Park mocked in hilarious video

I hope you’re not under the impression that this hilarious video is the fictional product of a fevered imagination – there’s nothing fictional about it!  Beck’s project is  Fellini meets the Tea Party in a very big way.  Beck’s ultimate theme park and homage to himself covers 60 thousand acres!   Step into Cinderella’s Panic Bunker located in “There Is No Tomorrowland.”  We common folk can stand outside of RandLand…They   built it, you see.   Survive Libertarian Island with your 254 ounce sugared drink, then thumb your nose at the tyranny of safety harnesses and other veiled attempts to encroach on our freedom as you fly through the skies.They may not believe in Darwinism, but they do practice survival of the fittest.