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Global Warming Hoax, Eric Allie Cartoon

global warming hoax

global warming hoax

Every so often it becomes necessary in the course of human events to put up a cartoon from the Right-wing to make sure we all understand how easy it is to tell morons what they want to hear. Be it Global Warming, Creationism, Bigfoot, birth certificates or Benghazi. Oops. I suppose Benghazi is more about a wholes than morons.

This business of –  it’s cold where I am at this very moment so global warming is a lie – is dependent upon three facets of our national idiot wind.

Anecdotal evidence – What happens to me is what happens to everyone.

Parochialism – anything outside the borders of my visible sphere of reality is crap.

And the central driving force of Right-wing politics  – smart people phis me off.

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