Glock 50 round ammo drum for handguns, Big Daddy 1911 Video

50 round ammor drums for handgunsIt is not SNL or The Onion. This is the real thing.  These ammo drums are made exclusively for gun enthusiasts to use in schools, theaters, malls, restaurants and the workplace to kill as many unarmed innocent adults and 6 year old children as possible. I can safely say that because there is no other reason for them.  Mr Loughner only had 31 round clips for his handgun rampage in which he killed 6 and wounded 13 including Gabby Giffords who he shot in the head. Had he had a couple of these 50 round babies, he could have upped his kill rate to perhaps magnitudes higher.

You know, it is not that some 40% or so of Americans love this kind of crap, but that any human being at all, even one, would like this kind of crap. And a dollar to a doughnut that if asked, everyone of these jerks would claim Jesus Christ as their personal savoir.

These babies cost about $125 retail, but I have found them online for as low as $72! That's almost TWO FOR ONE! Get them while you can! They will only be available here in the United States of Guns for a few hundred more years… So hurry.