Houston Tea Party, Boycott Sponsor Mattress Mack and Gallery Furniture

This is part of a full page Gallery Furniture ad that appeared in this mornings Houston Chronicle, 4/12/2010 page 3.

It is funded by Jim McIngvale who here in Houston we all know "Mattress Mack". For 30 years we have had him jump into our living rooms many times a day waving a fist full of bills and screaming his infamous line "Gallery Furniture SAVES YOU MONEY!" The volume on the ad goes up of course. This ad is why Mack so beloved by the people of Houston. Really!  No kidding! He also helps sponsor the Houston Rodeo and buys million dollar animals. This makes him even more beloved by the people of Houston. Nothing we like better down here in Dumbutt that to have some obnoxious filthy rich Right-wing loon waving his money in our faces while screaming at us. Its better than chicken fried steak! With biscuits! And a side of Okra – though some to choose grits.

This ad is a no nonsense pointer as to the who, what and where of this Tea Party crap. No matter what the media tells you. Remember Tea Baggers are the their customers. They have no choice but to tread lightly. Any negative comment on Tea Parties is a loss of another customer to Fox News. Which is THE news channel of choice in America! Keep that in mind… 

So let me tell you about the names on this list:

Chris Baker – Local Right-wing radio host at 950 AM. Especially hates Global Warming, Mexicans and Magic Johnson. The Ayn Rand / Ron Paul wing of the Right.

Chuck Tiller – Local Right-wing radio host and general manager of Houston’s Christian KKJT radio, named "The Word". Evangelical Creationist.

Dan Patrick – Long time Local Right-wing talk radio host (Christian) who is now in the Texas State Senate trying to force Jesus up everyone’s ass. Evangelical Creationist.

[update] Kevin Jackson – Radical Right-wing Black Activist from Houston who now travels the Tea Party circuit giving speeches pointing out who in the audience is packing heat to the raucous applause of the Tea Baggers who then wave their pistols in the air. He is invited to the Tea Party rallies as the Token Negro who blames Democrats, Liberals, civil rights organizations and President Obama for all the ills Blacks have suffered in America [Republicans and conservatives have only benefited Blacks]. He is also PROUDLY one of the regulars on the Glenn Beck show. When he mentions Beck’s name he has to wait for the applause from the "regular joes" who are the Tea Party to go down before he can continue. He is paid in silver in 30 piece lots… 

Rick Green – National director or Wallbuilders, a Christian Fundamentalist organization to build a wall to keep the secular world at bay trying to shove Jesus up everyone’s ass. Evangelical Creationist.

Jim "Mattress Mack McIngvale – The millionaire who with his company Gallery Furniture is funding this Right-wing swill. Presently in our local courts for refusing to pay taxes.

Down here in Dumbutt we have Jesus leading the Tea Baggers though nationally it is more of a flag dressed gang of Ron Paul nutcakes who like their Christian friends have their five passions tattooed on their fat white asses: I, Me, My, Mine and that proudly boisterous centerpiece of it all, the ALL CAPS UNDERLINED  shout of "GO F*** YERSELF!"

The media keeps telling us these are just regular people concerned with our debt.

To that I ask where these regular people were when Ronald Reagan TRIPLED the debt or when W. Bush more than doubled it. But we all know damn well where they were. On their knees in ecstatic throws of delight sucking up to both of our Presidents Estupidio. 

  • Muy Groso

    Not much more needs to be said about the Texas Tea Party mentality, say what! Thanks for the input Lee, it makes our point perfectly. And once again. Mattress Mack McIngvale is a right-wing radical extremist who funds the Tea Party. Just want to make sure everyone, not just radical right-wing nutjobs like Lee here know that before they spend any money in his stores.

  • Lee

    oh yeah I forgot….. GO F*+K yourself. and by the way I’ve been to two tea party rallies where I have not seen this jackson fella nor have I seen any guns much less anyone waving one around. Furthermore I am a beck listener for several years and have never heard jackson on his show much less heard him regularly and lastly last time I checked Lincoln was a republican, republicans in congress are the ones who sponsored the civil rights act and saw it become law over the objections of many democrats like byrd who was a kkk grand master. Republicans got women and blacks the right to vote, republicans ended slavery at the expense of a civil war, republicans have been the ones through our history who have been the friend of black people. What the hell have the democrats done for you? Welfare? Food stamps? Big city ghettos….oh yes those were ideas of democrats. So to hell with you. You are obviously an angry black guy who just doesn’t know any history or have any intelligence at all.

  • Lee

    Just noticed your idiotic rant about where all the regular people were when ronald reagan tripled blah blah blah. Maybe you forget that CONGRESS controls spending moron and the CONGRESS during Reagan was run by the DEMOCRATS and had been for more than 30 years. Under W we had the terrorist attacks and a change in CONGRESS back to DEMOCRAT controll midway through his first term. 6 Years of you people running the country is what created the current crisis. Bush was shouting about the coming housing crisis and recession several years before it happened. YOUR CONGRESS declined to do anything about it. In fact, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd were culpable in insisting that fannie and freddie were just fine…..guess which two groups were primarily responsible? It was you people who forced the banking industry to loan money to people who can’t afford to pay it back. Yet you have the gall to blame us? Well, where the hell have you been since Obama, Reid and Pelosi have taken the 4 trillion debt and turned it into 14 trillion. Oh but you won’t bitch about that will you because your On YOUR knees in ecstatic throws of delight sucking up to them.

  • Lee

    Hmmm….first of all Mattress Mack has not jumped and shouted about saving us money for at least a decade. His furniture store is fantastic and he is beloved by us because he donates a lot of money to causes he champions. His buying million dollar bulls at the livestock show is great because the money goes primarily for scholorships and other educational charity. A sizable amount goes to the high school kid who raised the bull and a good chunk of that money is for his college education. Secondly, Chris Baker doesn’t hate global warming he simply understands that it is the biggest hoax in history and he doesn’t hate mexicans he simply wishes like I do that they would freaking come here legally and we would like to deport the illegals already here. Dan Patrick isn’t trying to shove Jesus anywhere but he, like a lot of us, would like for people like you to stop shoving your progressive socialism up our asses and part of that is your efforts to take Jesus out of every facet of our society. Rick Green? Don’t know him but David Barton is the founder and chairman of Wallbuilders and again his goal is not to shove Jesus anywhere but rather to educate fools like you who think Jesus has no place in government or public like. Wallbuilders and David Barton have the largest privately owned collection of original documents concerning our nations founding and history. They make these available to congressment and judges in an effort to educate them that separation of church and state is a myth. People like you are the ones who shove your beliefs down the throat of the rest of the nation and we are tired of it. I find it humorous that when we fight back we are the bad guys and are accused of doing what you guys have done for over a century. Enlightenment and education are not attempts to shove jesus in your orifice. But of course like most progressive liberal socialists you must resort to these kind of attacks because you cannot win the argument. In the face of hard facts and proof you offer taunts, name calling and hate. Typically calling us what you really are. By the way, I know about the million dollar bulls and scholorships because I raised a bull for my high school ag class and we had a couple of steers in the livestock show many years ago before mcinvale became rich enough to buy anything and the prize steer back then sold for around half a million bucks. The kid who won got 50k and the rest went to college scholorships. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  • The University’s Latin Motto translated to English: “Revolution Against Tyrants, Submission to God ” A Course in Lunacy. Faith, Hope, and Charity. If you attend Beck’s Online University, those words have even more meaning, they are the

  • Rack Jite

    You are absolutely right! I had him mixed up with David Welch for some unknown reason. Though Kevin Jackson is FROM Houston he is the Tea Party token negro!
    A truly disgusting man. Correction made. Thanks again!

  • cwgrl

    You’d better fact check, JACK!! Kevin Jackson is not local and he nor the tea party movement are shoving Jesus ANYWHERE!!

    No shut your PIEHOLE and do your homework!!