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Houston Tea Party, Boycott Sponsor Mattress Mack and Gallery Furniture

This is part of a full page Gallery Furniture ad that appeared in this mornings Houston Chronicle, 4/12/2010 page 3.

It is funded by Jim McIngvale who here in Houston we all know "Mattress Mack". For 30 years we have had him jump into our living rooms many times a day waving a fist full of bills and screaming his infamous line "Gallery Furniture SAVES YOU MONEY!" The volume on the ad goes up of course. This ad is why Mack so beloved by the people of Houston. Really!  No kidding! He also helps sponsor the Houston Rodeo and buys million dollar animals. This makes him even more beloved by the people of Houston. Nothing we like better down here in Dumbutt that to have some obnoxious filthy rich Right-wing loon waving his money in our faces while screaming at us. Its better than chicken fried steak! With biscuits! And a side of Okra – though some to choose grits.

This ad is a no nonsense pointer as to the who, what and where of this Tea Party crap. No matter what the media tells you. Remember Tea Baggers are the their customers. They have no choice but to tread lightly. Any negative comment on Tea Parties is a loss of another customer to Fox News. Which is THE news channel of choice in America! Keep that in mind… 

So let me tell you about the names on this list:

Chris Baker – Local Right-wing radio host at 950 AM. Especially hates Global Warming, Mexicans and Magic Johnson. The Ayn Rand / Ron Paul wing of the Right.

Chuck Tiller – Local Right-wing radio host and general manager of Houston’s Christian KKJT radio, named "The Word". Evangelical Creationist.

Dan Patrick – Long time Local Right-wing talk radio host (Christian) who is now in the Texas State Senate trying to force Jesus up everyone’s ass. Evangelical Creationist.

[update] Kevin Jackson – Radical Right-wing Black Activist from Houston who now travels the Tea Party circuit giving speeches pointing out who in the audience is packing heat to the raucous applause of the Tea Baggers who then wave their pistols in the air. He is invited to the Tea Party rallies as the Token Negro who blames Democrats, Liberals, civil rights organizations and President Obama for all the ills Blacks have suffered in America [Republicans and conservatives have only benefited Blacks]. He is also PROUDLY one of the regulars on the Glenn Beck show. When he mentions Beck’s name he has to wait for the applause from the "regular joes" who are the Tea Party to go down before he can continue. He is paid in silver in 30 piece lots… 

Rick Green – National director or Wallbuilders, a Christian Fundamentalist organization to build a wall to keep the secular world at bay trying to shove Jesus up everyone’s ass. Evangelical Creationist.

Jim "Mattress Mack McIngvale – The millionaire who with his company Gallery Furniture is funding this Right-wing swill. Presently in our local courts for refusing to pay taxes.

Down here in Dumbutt we have Jesus leading the Tea Baggers though nationally it is more of a flag dressed gang of Ron Paul nutcakes who like their Christian friends have their five passions tattooed on their fat white asses: I, Me, My, Mine and that proudly boisterous centerpiece of it all, the ALL CAPS UNDERLINED  shout of "GO F*** YERSELF!"

The media keeps telling us these are just regular people concerned with our debt.

To that I ask where these regular people were when Ronald Reagan TRIPLED the debt or when W. Bush more than doubled it. But we all know damn well where they were. On their knees in ecstatic throws of delight sucking up to both of our Presidents Estupidio. 

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