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Jeb Bush’s Stand Your Ground Law

Jeb Bush and Rand Paul are tied for the lead in the GOP presidential nomination for 2016

Jeb Bush stands his ground with NRAThis photo of Florida Governor Jeb Bush, NRA executive president Marion Hammer and NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre was taken shortly after Jeb Bush signed the first STAND YOUR GROUND bill into law, which was written by the NRA and taken to 24 other states, including the entire old Confederacy. 

No politician in America is more responsible for these racist Stand Your Ground laws permeating the nation than Jeb Bush. It should be called Jeb Bush’s Stand Your Ground Law.

Rand Paul, an evangelical Christian creationist Libertarian if or no gun controls at all. The more the merrier.

So both Rand Paul and Jeb Bush  have the White male voters locked and loaded. As will any other Republican candidates entering the GOP primaries. So, with the evangelical Christian handicap of 30% of the electorate and the gun enthusiast 10%, they already have 40% of the electorate behind them for 2016 without needing any money.  Add up all the Citizens United cash and who knows? After all, as Fox News and Rush Limbaugh tell us, Hillary Clinton is too old, wrinkled and cuckolded to run for president. 

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