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Jimmy Kimmel – Jake Owen’s Chanukah Album Ya’ll – Video

  Jimmy Kimmel -  Jake Owen’s Chanukah Album Ya'll - Video

“Shalom Ya’ll” – so begins country singer Jake Owen, er- Jay Cohen’s exciting new Chanukah album, as presented by Jimmy Kimmel (with tongue firmly-in-cheek). As Jimmy points out, many Jewish singers have released Christmas albums over the years that have become beloved classics; but oddly never before has a non-Jewish entertainer released an album of Chanukah songs. Now we know why. Jake – er Jay’s effort  may be the first and the last…So please enjoy this  little taste of a country fried Chanukah.  You’ll be among  the first to hear budding classics like “Nobody’s Coming to Town”  and “That’s How You Spell Chanukah!”

Owen or Cohen is delightfully dim-witted and engaging, and it’s hard to suppress a few giggles at this well-meaning send-up. However – at the risk of sounding like the Ghost of Andy Rooney, I feel compelled to add that my personal beef has nothing to do with holiday music.
The only thing that really kinks my earbuds into knots are opportunistic duds with dollar signs in their eyes, who claim to be performing  “Christian Rock.”  First of all, it’s not rock.. and secondly,   if it’s meant to be uplifting, I missed the elevator.
Thanks…I feel better.