Joe Barton, trending graphic for Thanksgiving 2017

Joe Barton, trending graphic of Thanksgiving 2017

If this is not enough for you, I hear INFOWARS is showing a video of him choking the Bishop. Where are we going with this business?  Another case similar to Al Franken in that  there is no POWER issue involved. In this case an angry old girlfriend embarrassing him. That be as it may, this image has now become Joe Barton.

Who by the way, is to the House what James Inhofe is to the Senate, the top anti environmentalists and climate change deniers in Congress. Oh, and good evangelical Christians like Roy Moore.

Of the 180 climate science deniers in the 115th Congress, 142 are in the House and 38 are in the Senate, every one a Christian and a Republican.  That is 60% of the Republicans in the House and 73% of the Republicans in the Senate.

If any of these politicians are forced to abdicate, then I sure as Hell hope there are people actively working with the 15 Donald Trump accusers to come forward with interviews and force Trump to also abdicate.