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Joe Scarborough nails it on Trump, he gets drunk on applause

Joe Scarborough nails it on Trump, he gets drunk on applauseJoe and Mika wholeheartedly, loudly and proudly agreed this morning that Donald Trump is in this race primarily for the applause he get’s from “poorly educated” white folk at his rallies.

He is drunk on it and like any addict cannot pull himself out of it without an intervention. The trouble is that a narcissistic egomaniac has no one he believes is smarter than he is, so he won’t listen.

Every prompter policy speech and interview he makes, he within hours destroys it by going in front of a crowd of nitwits applauding, screaming and chanting to every awful insulting thing he directs at Mexicans, Latinos, Immigrants, African Americans, Chinese, women and babies.

This of course is something I and many others have been saying for a year, but finally I saw it on TV!  As something new! How many F150 ads the show lost would be just conjecture.

It reminds me so much of 25 years ago when Rush Limbaugh attended those big Rush Limbaugh Bake Sales across the country. He would take the time and effort to go to them for when he took the stage the raucous adoration would go on for minutes with every gawdaful horrible thing he said. Though to be fair, he did finally buck that addiction by turning to morphine.

What is the difference with that generation ago addiction of Rush and today with Trump? Rush Limbaugh had an audience of 10 million or so, today the most obnoxious, insulting, know nothing, unqualified buffoon presidential nominee has 100 million of them and is only FIVE POINTS away from Hillary Clinton, the most qualified and well centered presidential candidate in modern history. So what’s going on? Other than understanding that the definition of political incorrectness is bigotry.

10 years ago it would have been a bad bet that an uppity smartypants Negro would become president, but it happened. How many uppity smartypants Negroes do white people have to deal with day to day here in America?  Somewhere around none.

How many uppity smartypants women do white men have to deal with day to day here in American? And there you have it.

And if you don’t get that you are in denial. Emails, Benghazi, Foundation… Gosh, come on… All about PERCEPTION in the mundane, which the media sucks from the right-wing smear machine because it is all they have to be PERCEIVED as fair and balanced and most importantly to sell F150.

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