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Jon Stewart, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges & Blacks should not point!

Gang member Mayor Betsy HodgesNO POINTING! Well for black men or liberal lady mayors who rub the police wrong anyway. Betsy Hodges is in trouble. Didn’t our Mothers tell us it is not polite to point?

Pointing is part of a long list of things Black Men cannot do without getting stopped, arrested or shot. Most importantly though is being seen where they should not be and looking or acting black most anywhere else.

What this Daily Show segment lacks is the explanation of who this supposed gang member is and what he was doing. A young man shedding his questionable past and now engaged and participating in the process and his community. I did find the video that explains this below.

But first a reminder which millions of Americans know first hand and Alan Dershowitz – a sometimes liberal and sometimes conservative lawyer – has explained not a few times. Each year in the United States there are approximately 250,000 cases of police officers committing felony perjury. Most of which having to do with “probably cause” and the 4th Amendment or increasing city revenues. Even in our white little world of cops at our car window or in traffic court, most of us have heard a cop lie about a rolling stop, a yellow light, a blinker or some such crap. No matter it’s running a yellow light or shooting an unarmed black man, who will the judge always believe?