Jon Stewart on Torture, Waterboarding a guy 266 times

Drowning someone 10 times a day… What would Republicans say to Iran or Chavez or Fidel or N. Korea if they did that to Americans? You know the right, just and fair thing to do is to let that guy go no matter what he did.  

This is another example in the long list of what Republicanism stands for. 

Preemptive war, collateral damage, executions, more assault rifles, slapping children around and torture! All wrapped up in a pleasant package of hate the government, selfishness, homophobia, bigotry, racism and religious intolerance. Which accounts for about half of us. All endorsed by Jesus no less… Wow hey? 

It’s not just the Republicans on Fox News Sunday defending torture and spitting mad that we admit it to it. It’s most of them including Moderate Republican Joe Scarborough just now on MSNBC who was again spitting saliva into the lights defending torture.

Anyone defending torture should be waterboarded 10 times a day for the next month or so… Let’s begin with Dick Cheney… Then Joe Scarborough, then Peggy Noonan and please call when when its Little Billy Kristol’s turn, I want to personally watch that one.

  • Newscat

    Isn’t that what Jesus was doing with all of those people out in the river? I think they called
    it baptism or something, but WE know what they were up to!